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Nourmetec for building materials and thermal products

Since 1995

Previous works outside Egypt – Exporting

The company finished a lot of projects outside Egypt like KSA, Jordon, Libya, Morocco, Lebanon and Syria.

Previous works in the steel Companies

1. The Egyptian iron and steel company
2. Alexandria national company for iron and steel – Ezz El Dkhila
3. El Ezz Company for flat steel
4. Arabian Company For Special Steel - arcosteel
5. Kandil Group for steel
6. The Egyptian Company For steel
7. International factories For Rolling the Steel
8. Eltmsah Company for iron and steel
9. Suze Company For steel
10. The Egyptian American company for rolling the steel
11. El Komy Company For steel
12. Ayad Company For steel
13. PortSaied National company For steel

Previous works in the Cement Companies

1. Arab Swiss Engineering Company (ASEC National)
2. ASIC Helwan Cement Company
3. ASEC Company for Environmental Protection (Asenbero)
4. Suze company for Cement
5. Sinai Grey Cement Company
6. Sinai white Cement Company
7. qena company for Cement
8. Egypt Beni Swif company for Cement
9. Suze Company For steel
10. TElmenia white Cement Company
11. ASEC castings and heat treatment (ARESCO)
12. The Egyptian Company for Cement - Lavrage
13. Assiut Company for Cement - CEMEX

Previous works in the Electricity Companies

1. Soubra Elkhema Electricity Station
2. Alexandria Electricity Station
3. Kafr Eldawar Electricity Station
4. Damanhour Electricity Station
5. Electricity Station
6. West Delta for electricity production Company

Previous works in other Companies

1. Orasco for Clay Bricks
2. Egypt Company for production and sale the clay bricks (Egypt BRIC)
3. Egypt Ceramics Company
4. Prima Ceramics Company
5. Egypt Company for Aluminum
6. The Egyptian Company for aluminum products (AluEgypt)
7. The Arabian Company for aluminum products
8. The Egyptian Company for pipes and cement products (Siegwart)
9. Sugar and Integrated Industries Company (the chemicals factory)
10. El Delta Company For sugar production
11. El Daqahlia Company For sugar production
12. El Nacr for Company Manufacturing the glass and crystal
13. middle east company for producing glass
14. Light bulbs company
15. KamaGlas Company
16. Egyptian Company for heat products and galvanized
17. Emco Company for Metal Industries
18. The united Company for Metal Industries
19. Spring & Transport Needs Manufacturing CO.
20. Alexandria Company for oils and soaps
21. PolyServe company for Chemical Industries
22. The national Company for Papers
23. Delta Industrial Investments
24. Gyproc saint-gobain (Elbalah Manufactory)
25. Arab Organization for Industrialization (aircraft factory)
26. Helwan Factory for Engineering Industries (military 99)
28. Helwan Factory for Castings (military 9)
29. the Egyptian Saudi for integrative industries
30. ElMaasara Company for Engineering Industries (military 45)
31. Solvay for chemists
32. El PaPteen Industrial Company
33. Egypt Petroleum Industries company (San Misr)
34. Suez Oil Processing Company
35. Cairo Oil Refining Company
36. Cockerill Maintenance & Engineering company (CMI)
37. El Hachemia Construction Company
38. Arabian Company For Industry & Trading (asfour Refractories)
39. Raa industrial company
40. El Harameen for refractories Mortar