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Nourmetec for building materials and thermal products

Since 1995

Brief About Us

NOURMETEC was established in 1995 as the first and the only professional private sector factory in Egypt, specialized in producing and installing the state-of-the-art refractory alumina-silicate products, particularly for high quality industries. Our products are used in the manufacture of shaped and unshaped refractories for variety of applications and must be able to withstand high temperatures, mechanical wear, thermal shock and chemical corrosion. Specialized in refractories for the industries, we offer a wide range of products in the field of repair, modernization, updating, designing of various thermal units and also preparation and manufacturing of necessary refractories.

We also have the experience to fulfill our customers’ demands by external insulation of power plants boilers, in addition to supplying our products to different fields like iron and steel, lime and milling furnaces, cement industry, steel manufacturing, refining, fertilizers, petrochemicals industries, glass and sugar industry, etc…..

Supported by our experienced team of highly skilled and experienced personnel, NOURM ETEC offers its clients valuable services for installation instructions and application procedures for all types of castables. These personnel clearly understand the requirements of clients and offer solutions according to their specific needs. Along with our quality products, services, price and selection, we must go the extra mile to give customers a knowledgeable advice about our products and to help them use those products to their maximum benefit. Additionally, the installation instructions and application procedures offered by us are in line with the relevant industrial standards. Further, our services are available at affordable prices as per the budgetary constraints of clients.

We build our brand NOURMETEC on the basis of high quality products, professional, management, qualified employees and quick and completed after-sales services. These strategies encourage our associates to initiate creative and innovative ways of serving our customers, improving the business and to spread best practices throughout the company.